If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way.

If it’s not important to you, you’ll find an excuse.

I heard this quote in the car on the way back from swim class earlier this week.   My girls were in the car too so we talked about it.  Simple, but true, and very appropriate since my daughters are not the biggest fans of swimming (my eldest feared showers for the couple few years of her life).   Lately, my eldest has been complaining of headaches or tummy aches on the way to class.  We know it’s just a fear of having to swim ten metres alone so assessing that there’s no fever and she’s not clammy, we tell her to be brave and do her best.  Usually, by the first lap, she’s fine again.  🙂

This quote rings true for me personally too.  It could be exercise, doing the dishes, or just heading upstairs to get my laptop.  There’s always a way if I wanted something badly enough.

How about you?  Does this quote remind you of how you live your life?

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