Throwback Thursday – School BBQ

hannah slr bbq 2010

Never really did a Throwback Thursday before, but when I came across this picture and the timing of it all, I just had to!  This is when my eldest (now 7) was about the same age as Baby C is now.  This was a couple of months before #2 was born and I’m using the Escalade conveniently to hide my giant belly.  We are at the End of Year School BBQ enjoying the little activities the teachers have set up.  Big H had the inaugural ride.  🙂

Always with a DJ on hand, the annual event usually has an ice-cream truck, stations like tattoos or jewellery-making, and teachers milling around ready to chat with the parents.  We’ve had a fire truck there as well.  I hear there may be a dunk tank this year!   Oooh, wonder who will volunteer for that?   I nominate Hip Teacher Dada!

School BBQs are great.  Who doesn’t like burgers and chips?  It’s a great opportunity to speak with teachers outside of school (just don’t ask where your child is being placed next year) and to meet the parents of your child’s BFF.  Hopefully the weather stays warm and bright!

Do you attend your child’s social events like BBQs, Fun Fairs, musicals, or auctions?

Share your pictures with #tbtschoolbbq on the Hip Teacher Mama Facebook page.

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