Unionville Festival 2016

As you know, if there’s a local free festival, Hip Teacher Mama is THERE!  On Saturday, I took the big girls to the annual Unionville Festival on Unionville Main Street.  Hip Teacher Dada had a few things at home to wrap up (report card season) so he stayed home with Baby C.  We arrived at the site about fifteen minutes ahead of the parade start, found a perfect location with shade, and waited for the action to begin.

The whole thing lasted about thirty minutes and started about ten minutes late.  There were marching bands, clowns, dance troupes, and various companies who sponsored the event.  Although not a big to-do, it was fun to see some former students in the parade.  Girls were excited to get flags and Tootsie Roll lollipops.  They were a bit afraid of the Pet Valu truck and the crowd of dogs, but at least they were leashed.  😛  (See fear of dog post here.)

Right after the parade, we headed towards the inflatables.  Since we were near the start of the parade, we were the first ones to try the hockey game hosted by the Town of Markham.  We moved onto the bouncy cow inflatable and then checked out the many kiosks.  There were clothing vendors (artisan dresses were $30-$55), jewellery boutiques, toy shops, and a good selection of street food including the famous stinky tofu and bubble tea.  There were also burgers and poutine for the less adventurous.

I got the girls some nonsense festival food (sno cones) because it was hosted by Girl Guides and it was more to support them than to encourage the girls to eat syrup-doused ice bits.  My eldest loved her cherry-orange combo while my middle tossed her cherry-blue raspberry combo about halfway through.  She did, however, enjoy that Tootsie Roll lolli from earlier. The great weather made for another successful visit to the festival.

Did you visit the Unionville Festival this weekend?  What did you think?


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