World Teachers’ Day

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Let’s take a moment to recognize the wonderful teachers in your lives or your kids’ lives. Over 100 countries celebrate teachers on October 5, recognizing their dedication and appreciating their hard work everyday. I am extremely lucky to work with such a dedicated staff at my school and I can tell that they are simply amazing by the number of clubs and activities we have at our school. They work endless hours to prepare lessons and to make their classrooms warm and attractive. We have so many conversations about our students at lunch because we care. We want to help so much that we seek each other out for advice. We worry about our students even when the clock rings at 3:30 p.m. We see students not only as our job, but “our children.”

As a teacher and a parent, I would like to say:


  • planning interesting lessons for my child
  • giving my child confidence
  • creating fun lessons to make math fun
  • making each day educational and memorable
  • reminding my child to use manners regularly
  • insisting that deadlines be met
  • helping plan out a study schedule
  • organizing messy desks
  • cleaning up after my child’s juice and snacks
  • encouraging them to try problem solving again
  • inspiring them to use a variety of words
  • recognizing that my child has many talents
  • instilling good values in my child
  • suggesting my child make friends with everyone in class
  • giving a smile when my child has had a rough day
  • letting my child make mistakes from which to learn
  • joking around with my child
  • allowing my child to feel safe in your class
  • pushing my child to his or her limits
  • telling my child to reach for the stars
  • understanding that children need a leader outside the home
  • being there for my child

Teachers do these things and so much more. On World Teachers’ Day, take a moment to reflect on your child and the teachers that have been in their lives and yours. Be blessed that your children have someone watching out for them when you cannot. Thank you, teachers!

P.S. I couldn’t get to photograph most of the teachers, E.A.s, and E.C.E.s at school because everyone is busy (or shy), but this post certainly includes current staff, past staff (special shout out to SVP), and all teachers out there! Level 4+!


AWARDS: Given or Earned?

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We had an interesting discussion during our last P.A. Day about faith. It lead to chatter about relationships between home, school, and parish. We ended up talking about the monthly Virtue Certificates that we give out at our school. Some teachers believe in giving one a month so ideally half or a third of the class receive one. Others thought to give one to everyone in their class because otherwise some kids may never receive anything in elementary school. Wow! Never thought virtues could get so debatable, but the discussion got me thinking.

I really see both sides of the story. I know that for me, picking one student a month is ideal. Sometimes, I have students that win twice in a year because they simply deserve it. At my old school, we had to choose someone for something. That was when I taught primary so I know where that mentality came from. At times choosing a “winner” was really hard. Sometimes, the child doesn’t show a virtue, but I had to figure out a way to give them something and it was usually perseverance. (Hip Teacher Dada said there was one kid a couple years ago who should’ve won every single month because he was just that kind of kid, but he thought he had to spread the wealth.)

Now I understand why teachers want to give someone an award just so they will have something. However, doesn’t that diminish the ones who truly deserve it by earning it? My own older girls have won every year they have been at school. Usually it is for Justice and Wisdom, but they have questioned why kids who don’t necessarily demonstrate a virtue get one anyway. (They are super observant.) Doesn’t that take away from them? It becomes more like a participation ribbon where everyone gets something rather than having tried and earned it. What does that teach them about real life? Doesn’t the adult who performs better get the promotion? Isn’t the person who did the better design win the contest?

I understand the need for achievements and recognition. In my class, we have a Shout Out Jar. Every Friday, we give recognition and compliments to those who have done something good. It is a way to say thanks and appreciation in coordination with our Tribes tenets. We also do Virtue Scrapbooks monthly where kids have to define the virtue and provide three pieces of evidence that they have made an effort to show that virtue. They can get notes and letters of support from their parents, coaches, etc. They actually take the time to show they have made a conscious effort into exhibiting that virtue. At the end of the year, I give my kids a letter with their gift and everyone gets an award. My own awards aren’t on a school level, but more lighthearted (Best Sense of Humour, Best Anime Artist, Best Dancer, etc.). However, I do show that I recognize their talents, personality, and abilities. It is more personal and catered to my audience and it gives them something they have earned. After all, who can say they were the Best Desk in my class unless they truly earned it?

For me, I am not comfortable giving an award to everyone “just because.” Kids are smarter than you think and to give out awards just to give out awards makes the winner feel bad when they realize it and the truer winners feel bad too. Where’s the “win” there? At our school, I say just let teachers do their own thing. If you want to give out one, give out one. If your philosophy is for all kids to get something then do it. The point is to encourage understanding and demonstrating the virtue for the month. No one can be wrong for that.

NB: Since writing this article, Baby C has won the COURAGE award for September. However, she cried everyday at dropoff except for two days (first day and a random day in between). Courage for just showing up perhaps?


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     Fall events are coming at ya from every direction and this is one aimed for the kiddies!

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GIVEAWAY: Markham Fair 2018

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‘Tis the season for pumpkin spice and all fair things nice! We are looking forward to a warm autumn so what better way to ring in the season than with an awesome outdoor event like the Markham Fair?

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All ages will be in awe of the largest Outdoor Monster Truck Madness with Freestyle Motocross FMX. Cars will be crushed, bikes will flip around, and pure excitement will be abuzz on Sunday night! There will always be great family entertainment such as the comedic juggling of Craig Douglas, the Great Canadian Fiddle Show, the Wonderful World of Circus, and the daily walk-around entertainment of Doug the Great, Silver Elvin, Trulee Odd Show, Hitmen Drumline, and Kobbler Jay.

On Friday night, the Fair will proudly feature the President Choice’s Superdogs show at 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm. There are nightly fireworks also to look forward too! There will also be free face painting on Saturday and Sunday afternoon by the talented Picasso! The kiddies will love Old MacDonald’s Barn and check out all sorts of baby animals.

markham fair grounds

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      It’s the last day of school and the year flew by!  Big H is now moving onto Grade 5 while Middle A will be at the top of the Primary Division in Grade 3.  Without their awesome teachers in the classroom, they wouldn’t have enjoyed their year so much.  They both have a passion for learning and are successful because of the support and love they receive on a daily basis.  From their homeroom teachers to French to gym, they learn with enthusiasm and come home immediately to start their homework.  From a very young age they developed that habit and although I know it was instilled at home, I am keenly aware that their teachers say the same thing.   Their teachers are kind and caring and I couldn’t have asked for more in an educator.

      On this last day of school, I just want to say “THANK YOU” to the teachers, support staff, and administration at the school.  They plan so many fun activities that the kids look forward to! School IS fun and they have grown so much.  I can’t wait until September when Baby C (aka Hurricane C) joins the fun!

One More Month

keep calm school is over

          This time of year, it never fails. I sit back during E.Q.A.O. and think about the time I’ve had with my current class. Nine months have flown by so quickly and it’s partly because it’s been fun (nonsensical chats about YouTube videos or movies we’ve seen), but also because it’s been busy. We essentially have to cram all the math units ahead of everyone else because those skills will likely be tested. We were reviewing last week for the provincial tests we have here in Ontario. In elementary school, the Grade 3’s and 6’s feel that E.Q.A.O. (Education Quality and Accountability Office) actually stands for Evil Questions Attacking Ontario. I can’t say they are completely wrong. As much as I hope they’ve learned their equations for surface area and volume, I also hope they walk away with more.

         I hope they’ve learned that their first impression on someone matters and they hold their actions accountable. People see them at the park, mall, or classroom, and it’s natural for them to be judged. I always want a supply teacher to leave me a note about how patient or kind my class is. I want them to remember to always be respectful and polite because “please” and “thank you” go a long way. I’ll always remember the kids in here who remember to say those words each time I handed out a sheet or passed them a book (Students #21, #23, and #25, that’s YOU!) As important as writing proper sentences are, I believe that watching what you say and how to speak to others is just as vital. Will my kids remember that our custodians contribute to the school like secretaries do? Will they recognize that Educational Assistants give their all like their homeroom teachers do? Do they see these adults in the school as all loving their jobs and being committed 100%? Do they appreciate us? I hope so.

          Although I have put a huge emphasis on academics this year (“aim for Level 4” and “try your best”), it is never far from my lips that I tell them “be mindful” and “think of others first.” Being a great student is wonderful, but being an awesome human being is a life skill. Who you are is shaped by your family, friends, and environment, and I would want students to remember that having integrity and kindness is not a Grade 6 thing. I think it’s forever. (I know they also enjoy it when I tell them to “use common sense” and “you can just eyeball it.” 😛 That’s you, #4 and #9!)

          It’s been a good year. This class is full of great kids. I’ve been telling everyone that the year has been good partly because I haven’t had to spend too much time solving social problems. Less drama this year so I can focus on teaching. I’m grateful for this class and the memories we made. No doubt there will be tears on the last day (my former students know this and some tease me while others just cry along), but really, it’s because they have truly become “my kids.” I hope they know we only have 24 more school days together and I look forward to each and every one!

CONTEST: Shopkins Live!

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     All of Shopville is in a tizz as preparations get underway for the annual “Funtastic Food and Fashion Fair”. Shady Diva showcases her latest fashion designs; Lippy Lips gives colorful advice at the nail salon; Kooky Cookie tries to get in a beauty nap! But wait — no event is complete without a few hiccups! Who has high-jinxed the fashion pageant? Where is the super-secret celebrity guest? Will Slick Breadstick ever find a dance partner? The Shopkins and Shoppies need your help for the show must go on!

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Can I Coach?

          For the second time in the past six months, I have been asked to be a coach. A few months ago, I was asked to be a Beachbody Coach. A new friend on Facebook (a friend of a friend) said that with my lifestyle, I seemed like a good fit. I already post on social media, I like helping others, and I work out regularly. However, after giving it some thought, I didn’t think it would be fair because I wouldn’t be posting daily. I didn’t feel that would be fair to the women I would have in my group. The coach who asked me posts daily and early in the mornings.  I’m barely getting my act together with three kids and my own morning regimen.

        I would want to be there 100% which right now is already hard on some days especially with the weird winter we have been having. Between work and home and finding a few moments of “me” time, I don’t see how I could be worthy of having an accountability group. The thought of twenty women relying on me for workout inspiration or meal plans is overwhelming. Right now, I’m happy posting my food pix randomly on IG or writing about our daily adventures and challenges. The mom of three who asked me is awesome and she actually works out daily like at 5am. Ha! I hit the treadmill a few times a week to catch up on shows!   I kickbox a couple times a week. Even the videos for Beachbody are ready to go on my phone, but unfortunately on some days, I’m not. LOL.  They are amazing for when I’m cruising though and no access to Wifi (I’m NOT paying an arm and a leg for that) and the videos are already downloaded.  I know some Beachbody Coaches are in it for the Shakeology discount only, but for me, if I were to do this, I would do it for the whole culture of it all and not just for the shake discount.

           I was happy to be asked for Beachbody, but then last week, I was asked to be a kickboxing coach. WHOA! That was very unexpected, but totally flattering! What can I say? I LOVE my fitness kickboxing classes. The staff is great and the atmosphere is comfortable. My favourite coach is a real sweetheart, but all the coaches are friendly and are great at their jobs.  The all-female environment makes it a nice sanctuary and I’ve heard quite a few clients claim that they are happy they don’t have to worry about how they look or what they wear. I’ve made some new friends there as well as brought some old friends in. It is a comfy environment among peers. Just 20 women or so pounding away, dripping for 45 minutes, and then the sweet bonus of a cool towel at the end of it all. I only go twice a week (our schedule is hectic), but the endorphins seem to last forever. I wish I had more time in my schedule to coach though because I would be leading by example. Again, due to work, Big H’s basketball schedule and my husband’s time to play ball, I wouldn’t be able to set aside a weekly time to coach. I’m one of those “give it 100%” types so if I cannot coach on a regular basis, I think it is more fair not to do it. Who knows though for the future?  Definitely keeping my options open.

          For now, I’m enjoying my workouts after work, morning tv treadmill runs, and popping in a video when I have the time.  Since starting the kickboxing thing almost a year ago, I have found an improvement in strength, muscularity, and balance.  I am more conscious of my water intake and have changed fat to muscle.  I get to eat more and feel less guilty about overindulging on junk.  If you know me, that’s already a bonus!  🙂




From the dad jokes to the physical humour to audience participation, Adam Savage and Michael Stevens had me at the get go.  On Saturday, my big girls and I attended an engaging two-hour show completely devoted to science in Toronto.  Even the screenshots before the show began with the variations of how to show “brain candy” in different languages and pictures were fascinating. The girls were hooked by “candy” in the title. Big H kept saying, ‘I’m so excited!  This is awesome.”  As always, the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts had a wonderful turnout.

Big H was accurate in her excitement because the show was awesome.  Although some of the science concepts were out of their reach, they grasped the experiments readily.   We learned about “liquid water” versus water vapour and the names of numbers with many zeroes like sextillion (16 zeroes) and octovigintillion (28 zeroes).  They did several experiments to show that our theatre air is made up of many molecules and conducted experiments with speed and sound.  We learned about us weighing roughly the same as two and a half elephants in molecules.  They blew out a gigantic  air ring that was ethereal and just amazing.

Each segment was separated by their silly dance routines (I love how self-deprecating they were).  Diagrams on the back screens helped to explain some of the scientific concepts before and during the experiments.  For us visual learners that helped a great deal.  When they discussed the weather and clouds and then created a cloud in a bottle…POOF!  They had my second grader fascinated because she actually could answer some questions like evaporation and condensation.  She understood what they were trying to show and to see her little face light up because of the familiar words…that was awesome.

From the audience, they had a volunteer named little Abigail participate (waiver in hand, lol).  She helped insert plugs from hairdryers onto a larger circular platform.  After all of them were plugged in, she sat in the seat and they sent her back and forth on the stage.  They had made a hovercraft!   That was really cool only to be made funnier because on the back screen, we saw a game of Pong complete with sound effects.  They certainly knew their target audience.



After the break, they answered the audience’s tweets.  Some were personal questions such as how they met (they have the same agent, spoiler alert) and how they did in school.  Other questions were science based such as would water spin in different directions in different parts of the world (it does because it depends on the rotation and closeness to the equator).  I can’t stop thinking about their mice and cardboard story.  Oh my…

They introduced some juggling, but it wasn’t the idea of juggling that struck a chord with me.  I think it was how Adam kept saying he persevered no matter how bad he was at it.  He really wanted to do it so he kept at it.  I know my daughters sometimes give up on things that are challenging so hearing “don’t give up” from someone other than their parents must have been refreshing.  :).  Adam talked about how he made his own juggling clubs (my girls love to make things and lately, they’ve been into making slime) so they sat up a bit during this segment.  We saw a demo of his juggling skills and then a simple lesson on air and moving into the Bernoulli principle and the Coanda effect (excellent for my science program as flight is in the Grade 6 curriculum).  To end the show, they did a review with song.  It was a perfect ending to the double period of science class.


Brain Candy Live was a great show and I’d highly recommend it to adults, teens, teachers, and all fans of science!  They tested everyday items and built machines that were HUGE!  Shooting hundreds of ping pong balls out on stage (mad rush of kids down the aisle followed) to emptying a roll of toilet paper in seconds, these guys captured our attention for the full two hours.  We left a little more knowledge and full of brain candy.  Sweet.