I wanted to give Hip Teacher Dada a surprise for his birthday.  What better way than with a new restaurant hidden behind a comic book storefront?  Since Summerlicious had also just started, it was easy to mislead HTD into thinking that we were dining at one of the participating restaurants.  My in-laws were informed of the surprise and didn’t mention where we were headed.

One of HTD’s concerns whenever we go out is the parking situation. He wants it to be close by and easy.  None of this u-turn and through a hidden alley kind of thing.  Lucky for us, the parking lot was right next to the restaurant and he was so focused on his GPS that he didn’t notice the black sign with white lettering at all.  It wasn’t until I brought him to the door did he see the sign and understand the concept.  (I made a card so he could figure out the title of “Hidden Figures”, a recent movie we showed our students and also a BIG hint…he didn’t figure it out.)

Upon passing the red velvet ropes, we entered into the small foyer where comics wallpapered the room and displays showed superhero figurines  and a large stand-up Mickey.  The hostess gave us a brief description of the restaurant and waited patiently while we took selfies.  To enter the restaurant, she pressed the giant Captain America button.  We were ushered inside and lead to our table in a small, but modern setting.
We met our waiter for the night (aptly named Tobey) who informed us that the artwork could not be photographed, but taking pictures of the food and beverages were encouraged.  I wanted to clarify that pictures of us were fine.
We started with our drink orders.  He recommended the Brumble Bee because I wanted something fruity.  HTD chose the Web Slinging Spider Hombre and his drink was awesome!  I liked it more than mine (don’t you hate it when that happens).  We also received a complimentary Maleficient (rye, pineapple, lime, orgeat, sage, Bruichladdich, and activated charcoal).  The drink was because I had mentioned that we were celebrating a birthday when I made my online reservations weeks ago.  It was a nice touch that made HTD feel extra special!  🙂
The food arrived shortly after and every dish was impressive.  I love tapas places simply for the fact that we can sample so many different items.  Believe me, we would’ve tried more if we thought our stomachs could handle it and if we weren’t planning on indulging in movie butter popcorn later (of course, we were watching Spiderman).
The presentation was pretty although at times some plates looked almost the identical (e.g. four green dots).  My favourite was the soft shell crab while HTD loved the Canadian Lamb. Everything was delicious.
The service was impeccable. The waitstaff was attentive without being annoying.  New plates in between courses and polite young men at our beck and call (not often, we’re pretty low maintenance).  We enjoyed our two-hour meal and shared five plates between the two of us.  A few tables around us shared about three and some were rushing off to watch Spiderman: Homecoming (we had a 10p.m. show so we had plenty of time to spare).
HTD went to the restroom and I was disappointed to hear that it wasn’t totally superhero themed.  The signage showed Wonder Woman and Superman, but that was the extent of it.  Too bad.  How cool would it be to flush with a golden lasso or push down on kryptonite…just saying.
Upon receiving the bill, it came nestled inside a couple of comics which was a great final touch to the whole experience.  Two superhero signs in the air from us!

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