EDITOR’S PICK: Toronto Symphony Orchestra Disney’s Ratatouille

    We attended the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Disney’s Ratatouille about a month ago. We arrived about thirty minutes early and had a chance to explore the beautiful venue.  My older girls have never been to Roy Thomson Hall before.  They loved the large circular layout and the high ceilings.  They were excited to see the snack venues as well as the baby grand piano in the foyer.  We enjoyed a beautiful sunny walk as we parked at the Eaton Centre so we were doubly excited for the performance because the sun just brightens up our moods!

      The doors opened late and a few of the kids outside were getting a little antsy.  Luckily, popcorn and snacks were abundant and subdued most of them.  It was adorable seeing some young attendees all dolled up for the big show.  The buzz was in the air and I overheard a couple of the kids oohing and aahing over the seats as we entered.  It was adorable to witness!

    The orchestra was introduced as well as the guest conductor, Sarah Hicks. This was her Toronto debut as she has worked all over the world from the U.S. to Japan.  As prominent as RTH is, once inside, everything seemed even more grand and yet intimate.  We had seats near the back and yet our view was still amazing.  (I had a scheduled interview with Sarah, but due to time zones and her busy schedule, we were only able to touch base via text.  Once she has a chance to answer my interview via email, I will write another post.)

     Once the movie began, it was enchanting.  I almost didn’t realize the frequency of sound in a movie like Ratatouille until I noticed and anticipated when the musicians picked up their instruments.  I braced for the bravado of the music, the strings of the violins, and the staccato of the notes.  We LOVED every moment of it and soon it was intermission.  I spent quite a bit of time watching the musicians too because it was just amazing to see their passion come through their instruments.  Without them, the silence of the movie certainly wouldn’t have moved me as much as it did.  The music touches all emotions (yes, I cried) and stirs up memories.  It was a great flick for foodies and aspiring cooks alike (my girls love food and cooking and constantly obsess over the latest food competition shows).  Seeing it come alive, however, is a whole new experience!

    Ratatouille is the story about a little rat named Remy who is a connoisseur of French cuisine.  It’s not enough for him to be satisfied (much like his brothers are) with a piece of stale bread and moldy cheese.  He will create scrumptious dishes based on the remnants he finds from various trash bins around Paris.  Lucky for Remy, his circumstances and his new friend, Alfredo Linguini, land them both in the finest restaurant in the city.  With a mean head chef and a female mentor in Colette, these Remy and Alfredo find their way through many food adventures including trying to win over the city’s most feared food critic.

  Disney movies have always been magical to me, but this live performance at Roy Thomson Hall was beyond compare!  It certainly was an experience for my family and I encourage you to check it out next time a Disney movie is shown this way.  After the movie, we headed back uptown to host get together, but if we did not have plans, we would certainly have sought out the nearest bistro.  It was a beautiful sunny day and what better way to enjoy it than with some ratatouille.

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