MNO (Moms’ Night Out)

I came across an article this weekend about Moms’ Night Out.  Read it, liked it, and decided to put my two cents in.

Every so often, I want to get out.  In fact, I think it’s more of a need than a want. For my sanity, my mental health, and sure, for all the idle chit-chat.  Whatsapp groups are good, but with everyone all over the place, not everyone is on at the same time.  That’s what makes Moms Night Out so awesome.

You can’t just be 24-7 all work and home.  At least, that’s for me.  It’s the attention you need to give yourself.   In teaching, you give attention to 30 kids at a time.  At home, you have your own lovelies to deal with.  Your brain is wired and you can never turn it off.  With friends however, it’s a different feeling.  For me, if I don’t get out every couple of weeks, I start to get antsy.   I need to get out, do the girlfriend thing, and come back all refreshed.  Otherwise it’s just the same routine.

6:00 am Wake up.
7:30 am  Drop off the baby at daycare.
8:00 am Get to work.  For me, I like to work through recess and most of lunch so when I’m at home, I get a chance to focus on home.
4:30 pm Kickboxing twice a week.  When I get home, Hip Teacher Dada takes off for basketball practice with Big H (did I mention how I love and hate rep ball?).
6:00 pm Home and it’s a slew of dinner, homework, dishes, lunch prep, and bathtime.  Sometimes it’s vacuuming and dinner prep.
8:00 pm Put Baby C to bed and then the big girls bedtime routine rolls around.  Then it’s watch some TV, do some marking or planning, and it’s bedtime.  A lot of action during the day, but not much time for the brain to chill and body to relax.

MNO are leisurely.  I don’t care about the dishes in the sink and which lunch I have to pack because of an egg allergy in this classroom or a seafood allergy in this one.  I’m not picking up saucy noodles off the floor or wiping up spilt milk.  Does Baby C want to read the same Happy Baby Colours book for the 17000th time?  Sure, let my husband handle that.

MNO aren’t even a big deal for me in terms of location.  It can be a movie, bubble tea, or noodle bar.  Heck, I’m good with a quick lap around the mall.  I just want to chat with my friends and get out.  I also don’t need to get dolled up.  I just need to be out.  Half of my closest friends happen to be teachers so work talk inevitably comes up.  However, the stories become more humorous as the night goes on.  Sometimes even getting together to watch The Bachelor will do it for me simply because it’s a break in everyday routine and something to look forward to at night.

Now don’t take this the wrong way…my girls are my soul, my heart, my everything.  I love spending time with them.  My husband is my best friend and we both love movies, hanging out at Chapters, and going shopping.  We love to watch shows together or hanging out in the basement while I craft and he sorts his basketball cards.  He’s awesome, but giving him some alone time with the girls is great too (he calls them “Boys’Nights”).  Our girls say the funniest things when we play “Restaurant” or board games.  Big H likes to play games together while my middle ones loves to colour with me.  The baby wants her cuddles.  I love those moments too, but sometimes having a night to myself is just as sweet.

I think a work-life balance is important. It refreshes you, destresses you and now you are ready to tackle it all over again.   Ninety worksheets to assess?  Bring it on.  Happy Baby Colours for the 17001 time?  Get it off the shelf.

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