Ice Ice, (Cry) Baby


    Wah wah wah.   Cry me a river…oh wait, it’s frozen. At least it was until last weekend.  Thank goodness for the warmer temperatures last week because some online discussions where parents are complaining about how their little ones are upset that they can’t go outside for recess was starting to irk me.  I get that they miss running around the field.  They miss building snowmen and playing tag.  These livid parents are saying that their little angels are bouncing off the walls and going nuts at home due to the lack of physical activity at school because of increased indoor recess due to the weather.

    Know what I miss though?  Quiet recesses to do marking.  My empty classroom so I can do a quick sweep before the next period. Time to organize and discuss what needs to be done with my grade eight helpers.  For the parents complaining about their one or two kids bouncing off the walls at home…multiply that by 30 or 15 and you’re in my shoes.

     At our school, the field was frozen over.  We had indoor recess for most of early January when we returned.  Last week, we had a rotational outdoor recess schedule in place.  The students went outside, but not for all three recesses.  The teachers weren’t thrilled, but we get it.  There wasn’t much asphalt to stand on so each division got a recess. It was fair.  It wasn’t ideal, but it worked.

     Now what strikes me as funny is that these rules are implemented for safety reasons.  The same parents who were in disbelief that we couldn’t just send them out and who’d say, “Just let them outside and deal with the ice…it’s Canada!”  I’m pretty sure those would be the first ones to say they’d sue if someone slipped and fell.  Stay inside and we lose.  Go outside and someone gets hurt, we lose.  See the pattern?

   Hopefully we get some good news in a couple of weeks and that darn groundhog gives us a prediction we want to hear.  If not, I’m ready to give that tradition the cold shoulder.

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