After hearing a few reviews of Thai Basil, we had an opportunity to grab a quick lunch last Saturday. The darker ambience was wonderful and we were immediately seated at noon.  There were several other patrons, but it didn’t take long for the food to arrive.

    Hip Teacher Dada and I both ordered the Lunch Special. I ordered the Yellow Curry Chicken and he ordered the Pad Thai.   Both came with a small bowl of Tom Yum soup and a little spring roll.


   I was so excited to try my curry, but the first thing I noticed was the lack of colour.  It was certainly curry-coloured, but besides the chicken and huge pieces of potato and onion (slightly undercooked), there were no other veggies in sight.  I raised an eyebrow to HTD and said, “Not even some carrots?” It smelled divine, but when I took a spoonful, it was barely lukewarm.  Not okay.  I took a couple of bites to be sure and yes, definitely cold.  HTD’s food came and hot steam was clearly visible.   When the waitress came over and asked how everything was, I had to say it.  “It’s cold! Can you please warm it up for a minute?”


     I’m not usually the type to complain about food (yes, I’m totally paranoid about what the kitchen does if you send food back), but it was -10C outside and I had come in for a HOT meal and dammit, that’s what I was going to get.  She reheated it and it came back warmer, but certainly not hot.   The taste was great, but temps are a huge deal for me when it comes to food and drink (I will reheat my hot chocolate several times if necessary).
The Pad Thai was tasty and we gobbled that up quickly.


      I’d give Thai Basil 2.5 stars mostly because I really liked the ambience and the flavour of the food, but hot temp was definitely lacking.  The curry chicken needed a variety of veggies and hot food is a MUST especially for a warm dish like curry.

      Have you tried Thai Basil?   What did you think?

Thai Basil is located at 1070 Major Mackenzie Drive E. #F103 (inside the Smart Centre at Bayview Avenue and Major Mackenzie Drive). 905.780.8788

3 thoughts on “EATS REVIEW: Thai Basil

  1. YChow says:

    Have tried Thai Basil a couple of times for lunch & agree with your rating. Try Little Bangkok at 227 Main Street North, Markham if you haven’t already. I like it better than Thai Basil.


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