Toronto Christmas Market 2016

      We were lucky to go on a relatively warm day last weekend to check out the Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery District.  The entrance fee is $6 per person on weekends and Friday evenings.  We were so excited to attend, but due to a fussy toddler, things didn’t go as planned.

      We were fortunate to find easy parking right across the entrance by the Young People’s Theatre.  It cost $12 for maximum time.   We entered right where the five giant snowmen were.  Surely it was a sign that this event was made just for us!  Christmas is our favourite holiday so attending this annual event was right up our alley.    We waited a few minutes to take a family photo, but due to the crowds, there was no way we could get an unobstructed view of all five snowmen without halting all the visitors so we just picked a corner and quickly snapped a shot of the two older girls.

     As we wandered on the cobblestone streets (love that part of the district, but not so much Baby C as she bounced up and down on her stroller), the spirit of Christmas began to wash over us.  How could we not get caught up in the excitement?  There was a giant countdown to Christmas clock, string lights adorning each cozy cottage booth, the scent of mulled cider in the air, and everyone just buzzing with excitement.  We were tempted by the giant pretzels, hot Campbells’ soup, and poutine, but resisted, simply because the lines were too long and we just ate lunch.  I’d recommend checking it out during the weekdays (closed Mondays) when it’s free, but also less crowded.

        I was so happy to see all the little booths there.  From Burt’s Bees to crochet crafts to Santa artwork, there’s tons to see for the artisan and foodie in you.  The Distillery stores were open as well, but already jam packed when we arrived. It was the same with the restaurants.  I believe the busiest time to be Friday evenings and the weekends so again, I would try and go after work on a weekday to see the beautiful decorations, but avoid the crowds.  Walk around with a gourmet hot chocolate and a grilled cheese sandwich, shop at your leisure, and it’s what I’d call a perfect night out!  We couldn’t see all that we wanted to because Baby C was fussing pretty much the whole time.  She was distracted a bit by the ferris wheel and some girls dressed up as dolls, but other than that, she was pretty unhappy.  We ended up carrying her as the stroller didn’t provide a good view other than the backs of people in front of her.  She was enchanted with the many doggies who also attended the event so any minutes those pooches bought us, we were grateful.

       There were lots of prime photo spots so if you’re into snapping pictures and making memories, this market is for you!  Not only was Santa there, a beautiful angel walked around as well as Santa’s elves.  We had to grab the angel for a picture, of course.  There are a few lit marquis signs around the area to take pictures in front of and of course, the giant Christmas tree next to the stage.   There was a section of hot pink trees and a heart shaped display.  My favourite was the giant JOY sign sponsored by Glade.  Performances range from singalongs to carolers throughout the day.  It is a wonderful family event so make your way down to the market before December 22!  It’s guaranteed to get you in the holiday mood if you aren’t there already.  Keep toasty and if you see Santa, tell him Hip Teacher Mama sent you.  It’ll guarantee you a place on the Nice List.

         For more information, please visit the Toronto Christmas Market website.

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