Talk about a dream come true!  Not sure who was more pumped for this day, my girls, Hip Teacher Dada, or myself, but we managed to pull ourselves together and enjoy the spectacular concert after an awesome interview.  All the nerves went out the door as the awesome foursome fielded my questions with smiles and ease.

     Thanks to Anthony (Blue Wiggle), Simon (Red Wiggle), Emma (Yellow Wiggle), and Lachy (Purple Wiggle) for the interview.  My girls were starstruck!  They still can’t stop watching the interview.  A special thanks to Lachy for his funny faces to Baby C.  She can’t stop giggling and no sound is better to my ears (well, except for maybe The Wiggles’ songs).

HTM: A lot of your songs have a huge kinesthetic component to them.  It keeps the young ones very engaged.  Do the actions come to mind first or the music and words?

YW: It’s probably a bit of both really.  Songs like “Rockabye Your Bear” marries the words and actions.  It’s such a classic even for me.  Some songs are just plain dancing.  A lot of the music starts before the movement comes into it.

RW: It usually starts with the music first, I think.

HTM: You create fun songs with social messages about acceptance such as “I’ve Got My Glasses On” and current health topics about allergies with the song “Peanut Butter.”  How do you decide which trending topics are important to address?  Kids do get self-conscious about things like wearing glasses so it’s great that you draw attention to these things.

BW:  Funny you should ask that.  They are personal.  My daughter, Maria, has astigmatism so she’s been wearing glasses at at early age.  I wanted her to be positive about wearing glasses so we wrote a song.  My little boy, Antonio, has anaphylaxis.  When he suffered his first episode, we realized how serious it can be.  The “Ooey Gooey Allergies” song for example is a good one.  My nephew, Dom, also has anaphylaxis.

HTM: Do you have your Epipen with you? (turning to Dom who is also in the room)

DOM:  Yes, I do.

HTM: Good job. (thumbs up)

BW: It’s very important to address these issues, but if you make it fun, like the healthy eating and fruit salad.  You’re just getting kids excited about eating fruit salad instead of like chocolates.

HTM: When I was first pregnant with my eldest, my craving was fruit so luckily, when she came out, she just loved fruit.

THE WIGGLES: That’s great!

HTM: Last question.  I know you all have a musical background.  Which instruments would you recommend for kids who are just starting out?

BW: If you mean preschoolers, I’d say rhythmic instruments – let them just hit and bang around.  After that, I think it’s all about what they like.  It’s also about singing…so mi la…

Purple Wiggle and others sing out a variety of notes.

HTM: That’s great!  Thank you for taking the time to chat.

THE WIGGLES: You’re welcome.

*The Wiggles concert was amazing.  Not only were they entertaining from start to finish, they were humourous and included adults in their presentation.  Quick timing, wit, and a special Canadian mention of Tim Horton’s in song and in “Tim Horton’s Mode” made the hour and a half show fly by.  What impressed me the most was how attentive they were to their audience.  They went out into the audience several times to sing their songs and to collect the roses that audience members brought for Dorothy the Dinosaur and bones for Wags the Dog.  It made everyone beam with delight when Lachy broke out into the latest Justin Timberlake song as well as an impromptu song as he sang the words on huge signs that people had created.

You can tell The Wiggles LOVE their job and it’s fun just watching them have a good time.  It was an amazing experience and by far the best kids’ concert I’ve ever attended.  I’m thrilled to have met them and honoured to have had a chance to sit down with them.  Thank you, Wiggles, for educating so many generations of kids through song, dance, and play.  Learning is so easy when it’s done right.  Can’t wait for the next 25 years of Wiggles’ songs and creativity.


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