Anyone who knows me, knows I’m always up for trying new food.  What’s better than a delicious local bao (Chinese steamed bun)  on a Friday night?  Reminiscent of Bahn Mi Boyz in downtown Toronto, this local casual dining restaurant, It’s a Bao Time, serves up some trendy small plates featuring pork belly and duck confit.  We sampled a variety so that we can report our findings accurately  (of course).  It’s a hard task, but someone had to do it.

         We tried the pork belly bao, bulgogi taco, jerk chicken banh mi, popcorn chicken, and kimchi fries.  The pork belly bao had just the right amount of bite and came out juicy and warm.  The bulgogi taco was quite saucy which we liked. We couldn’t stop eating the popcorn chicken with the spicy mayo dip.  The kimchi fries were good and we saved the bahn mi for last.  I didn’t think we’d polish off so much and was saving it for a midnight snack, but we inhaled our food so we had the banh mi for dessert.  I wasn’t a huge fan of their jerk chicken, but it wasn’t bad.

           The airy restaurant is spacious and bright with many tables to serve their customers.  The service was friendly albeit a tad slow for my liking.  Luckily, they had a large TV to keep customers entertained while they wait.   All in all, it’s pretty good for a local bao place.  Will definitely bring the kids to try some more dishes.  They have daily specials like Taco Mondays where any taco is $4.

It’s A Bao Time is located at 230 Commerce Valley Drive East, Unit 2A.

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