Every weekend before Thanksgiving, the annual Markham Fair takes place at the Markham Fairgrounds located at McCowan Avenue and Elgin Mills Road (about 30 minutes north of Toronto).  It starts on the Thursday and continues through Sunday night, where each night ends with a round of amazing fireworks to cap the day’s events.

This year, I was fortunate to spend all of my Friday there.  The weather was decent enough and the rain held off.  We had a pleasant morning and an even warmer afternoon and evening.  When the wind died down, I was thrilled!  It made for a perfect fair environment.

We did everything we possibly could do at the fair.  We saw the Superdogs show and the horse show.   The big girls grounded flour and made oil.  We learned about composting and saw worms in actions.  We saw the livestock and witnessed the mother pig feeding her young.  The little piglets rushed her and climbed all over each other to get their spot.  The baby chicks were fluffy and so adorable.  Baby C loved seeing the animals.  We feasted on the blooming onion (must try and even Big H who isn’t an onion fan gushed over this fried treat) and poutine.  We bought some $1 beer nuts for later.  We went to the craft area and saw all the cool art pieces including some plasticene art that I plan on doing sometime with my students.  One of my favourites was a huge paper mache giraffe.  We even saw our friend’s winning photos on display.

One of my favourites is always the incredibly huge vegetables that people manage to grow.  We ran into my friend, another teacher, whose daughter had grown some cucumbers all on her own.  It was amazing to see the sketches and collages made by school-age children.  So proud of our Markham talent!

Outside I was able to catch the Lincoln Leapers (double-dutch is fascinating) and gymnastics performances.  There were many food trucks and kiosks lined up on either side of the path so if you were feeling for hamburgers, hot dogs, or chicken fingers, you didn’t have far to look.  Tim Horton’s even had a truck here with proceeds donated to charity.  The girls tried their hand at a basketball game (of course) and Big H sank two of her three shots while Middle A got all three in!  What?!  They both picked Minecraft-type swords and were thrilled.

Baby C couldn’t last more than a few hours and soon it was time to head home.  We did this outing sans stroller and it was quite successful!  She enjoyed holding her big sisters’ hands and exploring.  I had to carry her a bit of the way, but how can I resist when she says, “I love you” and pats me on my back?  She had an odd fascination with pumpkins and couldn’t stop touching them.

We left just as it was getting dark so we didn’t catch the fireworks there, but were lucky to see the show from our house!  Big H’s bedroom was the perfect viewing grounds for the spectacular fireworks show.

We loved the fair and cannot wait to go back next year for more learning, exploration, and innovation.  All that talent right in our backyard.

Have you been to the Markham Fair?  What’s your favourite activity?

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