Free books, authors, and signings, oh my!  Yesterday, we attended the annual Word on the Street.   It was their second year at Harbourfront.   We had a good sunny day to enjoy and though there was a strong breeze off the lake, the walking and heavy load of books we lugged around kept us warm.

There were numerous white tents with as many amazing vendors as you could imagine ranging from Random House to Penguin to Scholastic.   We met several authors including Paul Colvello, author of Toronto ABC.  I couldn’t resist especially when he wrote a personal dedication to each of the girls on a sticky word bubble note (he kindly obliged when I asked for a horse picture for Charlotte).   Then we met Lana Button, author of Willow’s Whispers.  Middle A said she remembered that book from  last year.   I Googled it to see what it was all about and the main idea was perfect. It’s about a little girl who speaks  too softly (I’m always reminding the girls to speak up when talking to their teachers or people we meet).

After some pictures (Lana Button tweeted a pic with the girls), we walked through all the aisles looking for more goodies. We loaded up on $3 books as well as freebies.  There were some privileges to being teachers.   I spoke to some other authors and am very interested in their stories.  Can’t wait to see if I can work out a review or giveaway soon.  Will keep you posted.

Moving along, we discovered the Cooks and Books tent.   How lucky to have caught Prairie Girl’s founder, Jean Blacklock, giving a talk about her business and inside tips on baking.   We stuck around long enough to get a sample and boy, was it worth it.   I also approached the Toronto Star’s Karon Liu just to say hi and mention that I liked his work.   Imagine going to all these awesome events daily and writing about them?   What a dream!

After a couple more hours of book buying and chatting, it was time to head home.    The girls were excited to show Baby C what they got and what we picked out for her.   I’m so happy this festival was a hit and Hip Teacher Dad loved it as much as I did.  (He did pick up a Toronto VS Everybody t-shirt during the day.  It wasn’t a book, but people will read the shirt so that’s a literacy connection, right? )

We were thrilled the weather cooperated as a rainy day would’ve literally drowned out the festival.   Hope to make this an annual tradition for my little bookworms and I.    I’m really glad they love to read as much as I do.  I just wish there were more hours in the day so I could read for leisure instead of for work.

Did you attend the WOTS festival?   Any good recommendations?

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