It took me a few months to research the model, get the plans and the parts, but in mid-August, Hip Teacher Dada and I finally got to hacking an Ikea stool and make a little learning tower for Baby C.  For anyone who knows us, they know we are NOT handy at all.  We are all about contractors and leaving it up to the professionals.  We can do basic things like painting and grouting, but to actually work with woods and saws.  Ha!  This was a challenge we thought we could handle only because half the project was already Ikea designed.

          We got the stool and Hip Teacher Dada assembled it when I was out one afternoon.  The next step was purchasing the necessary wood parts from Home Depot.  First time I bought wood at HD and it was cool to know that they will cut it for you.  We sanded down the parts and began the project in the garage.  It was going well at first, but for some reason, we had difficulty drilling through some pieces.  We tried to do things manually too.  In the end, I had to borrow a more powerful drill from my friend’s husband (thx Sean) and we were quickly on our way.  After it was assembled, HTD’s job was done and he left me to paint the stool.  The project didn’t take too long and we were excited to show the girls.

           The big girls were just as in awe as Baby C when they saw the stool.  She got on it and couldn’t wait to help me wipe down the counter.  Now she watches me as I do the dishes or prepare a meal.  We didn’t follow the Ikea hack exactly so we call it “a hack of a hack.”  Although we don’t know how many more projects will be in our future, it’s nice to know that we stepped out of our comfort zone and tried something new.

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