Flying from Toronto to Orlando is about a two and a half hour flight.  It felt like a year.  It was Baby C’s first flight and as I had predicted, it was a bit of a challenge keeping her entertained for that whole time.  She is our most active daughter so sitting in a small area with lots of bags (yes, I’m THAT mom who doesn’t believe in checking in bags) wasn’t ideal.  However, I had armed myself with enough goodies: books, snacks, colour flip chart (yay Pinterest), comfy blanket, The Wiggles, and of course, her OWLivia.  We weren’t sure if we should lug around her favourite stuffie (it’s not exactly compact), but really glad we did.  It made travel and long days that much easier (I attached a ribbon to it using safety pins to the stroller).

We woke her up over two hours before her usual wake-up time.  She was happy to get up (my kids were warned not to storm in which they sometimes do after nap time and startle the heck out of Baby C) and it was an adventure. Different car, different car seat, and why were there so many suitcases out front? She was great at the airport and ate her blueberries in line while we waited to go through security (the declared blueberries were pretty much no longer as we spoke to the US officer).  We let her roam the airport as we knew there would be no roaming once we got on the aircraft.  After all the activities and a little lullaby singing (courtesy of me), Baby C fell asleep at 11:45am (very close to her 11:30am naptime).  I had a 45-minute break before I whipped out more activities and soon we were landing.  The pressure killed my ears, but Baby C didn’t even seem to notice.  Thank goodness for small miracles.

Where did we go?  More pictures and posts to come…

HINT: It’s a small world after all…


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