Happy Birthday to our Middle A!


Today, our middle daughter turns 6!  Where did the time go?  From being the youngest to now being an older sister, Middle A has grown up before our eyes.  I have to say, she is too adorable (ok, a little biased).

I remember comparing her to Big H (which I know we shouldn’t, but it’s natural) and worrying about her hitting her milestones like her big sister did.  Big H just did things quicker so when Middle A came along, my mindset was “Did I miss something? Why wasn’t she doing it when H did? Was it because I didn’t do baby classes everyday?”  Somewhere between fighting me on doing her printing when she was three (her printing is better than her older sister’s) to now reading at a solid grade one reading level (she will start Grade 1 in September), Middle A has just blossomed (funny enough, the kid loves to draw flowers all the time).

She’s grown into her Middle Child Role with a touch of Middle Child Syndrome.  She is more artistic than her older sister and definitely goofy.  She is more easy-going and not too hard on herself.  We’ve created the term “Awkward Middle Child” which she thinks is funny and embraces with her memorable silly faces and crazy dances.  The funny thing about the term is that she’s not awkward at all – silly, sweet, and loves to read and draw.  She is a girly girl and was thrilled when she opened up her gifts from us – dresses and books.  She has adapted to being a big sister with open arms and loves to play teacher and embrace Baby C (sometimes a little too excitedly).  She still comes to me for cuddles and loves to give kisses.  She always picks me to be her partner for rides and says I’m her best friend.  She even offers the occasional massage when she knows I’ve had a long day.  What a doll!

In many ways, Middle A, is still a bit of a baby.  We have a running joke about how her goal is to go a day without crying.  “Use your words, A.”  She gets easily frustrated and cries at the drop of a pin.  To get a full picture, she will cry even if complimented (“Ooh, Middle A, did you win the contest?”)  She doesn’t like attention (like her folks) so any kind of particular focus and she feels embarrassed and uncomfortable.  Hopefully, with age, she will gain a bit more understanding and can communicate her likes and dislikes and the crying will stop.  This could be the year…fingers crossed, everyone.

Happy Birthday to our smart, cute, and adorable #2!

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