Last night, we hosted a barbecue with Big H’s godparents and another set of friends.  Yes, amidst the heatwave (ironically, we were worried about storms and instead we had 33C heat), poor Hip Teacher Dada stood outside making our dinner.  (When Big H’s godfather came, he took over, work clothes and all.)  The kids opted to stay inside and eat in the basement, but the adults and one lone teen headed to the backyard.  We didn’t eat until almost 7pm so luckily, the sun had hidden its ugly head by then among some clouds.

It was basic BBQ fare last night as we are newbies to cooking on the grill.  Growing up, my parents said not to do it often because of health reasons.  I love the taste of BBQ, but I always keep that at the back of my mind (my dad passed away from cancer and everyone has probably heard the BBQ, high temps and cancer connection).  Still, ribs, wings, and burgers…I cannot resist.

On the menu last night: sirloin burgers, veggie burgers, honey garlic sausages, quinoa salad, red potato salad, and grilled veggies.  Our guests brought some shrimp and chicken wings for the meal and some ice cream sandwiches and cheesecake for dessert.  Mmm, yes it was delicious!  We haven’t yet purchased our cedar planks, but when we do, we will try to do salmon.  We’ve tried steak, but not meat kebabs.  We’ve done sweet potatoes, but not regular ones.

Any easy suggestions or recipes for us? Feel free to school us in this aspect.  We are BBQ babies.  


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