We’ve had quite a few heat alerts this season and it’s just the start of summer vacation.  We try to do outdoor activities with the kids in the morning so it doesn’t get to those crazy 40C temps.  We’ve done Canada’s Wonderland early (two to three hours when it opens) and the park.  We’ll do basketball and neighbourhood walks after dinner so the sun isn’t as strong.  We’ve even done splash pads mid-morning.

Here are some ways we are staying cool:

  1. Play outdoors early.  You’ll feel the heat, but not the burn (pun intended).
  2. Always wear sunscreen.  It is recommended to choose 30-50 SPF as anything more doesn’t really matter.  We apply frequently.  (We have thinksport and thinksport for kids and both are 50+ SPF.  They have a EWG rating of 1).
  3. Stay in the shade whenever possible.  For picnics, I always seek out “our tree” at the local park which provides great coverage (more than enough space for two large JJ Cole mats).  I’ve had mommy friends join me under that tree so we’ve had room for about four mat spaces there.
  4. Wear light-coloured breathable clothing and hats.
  5. Drink lots of water.  The girls love to choose their water bottles every morning so it’s good motivation to stay hydrated.
  6. For longer outdoor events, I bring a spray bottle with water.  Every so often, a spritz feels so good!


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