Happy Birthday, Hip Teacher Dada!

Happy Birthday, to the one and only HTD today!  He’s had a couple of celebrations already (that’s how he rolls) and this year has been kind of neat because the gifts we got him actually relate to the experiences.  I didn’t just take the easy way out and get him a pair of shoes (though that’s usually what he wants and gets).

First, we did ESC-IT (escape room game) with Big H’s godparents on Sunday.  HTD had always wanted to do it, but I wanted to wait for a special occasion and with more people.  I wanted it to be a surprise to I tried to throw him off the trail by telling him to wear comfortable shoes and said I had packed a change of clothes for him.  I walked around the house air-punching things so that he would think we were going to HERS Kickboxing.  I even brought along my gloves to sell the story.  In the parking lot, I walked him down to HERS before feigning disappointment, “What?  It’s closed today?”   I turned him around to ESC-IT and he was so excited.

I chose the Dungeon of Despair (because of our Game of Thrones addiction) and it really was dark and well, dungeoness.  We were each given a flashlight and a brief background to the story.  We had to escape or die basically.  The clock was set to 45 minutes and then we were on our own.  I’m not going to spoil it for anyone, but basically we got the key and got out.  The gift that went with that experience was Armani Code.  He mentioned he liked the scent and I’m always up for trying new smells.  🙂  Perhaps it’ll be his Scent of the Summer.

The second experience gift wasn’t a surprise because I had put it on our family calendar months ago.  I even got him to print the tickets.  It’s the Jays game on Sunday against the Detroit Tigers.  The giveaway will be a Roberto Alomar or Joe Carter replica gray jersey.  Wow!  Guess who’s going to be a happy camper that day?  (Me or him?)   To tie into the gift, I found a box of Golden Grahams with Jose Bautista’s bat flip pose on it.  How perfect!

To make the day even better, it’ll be super sunny and hot.  Let’s see how HTD wants to spend his special day.  My bet is shopping somewhere – who’s with me?  (If you know HTD, it is a safe bet.)

*As HTD likes to point out, he shares a birthday with Sylvester Stallone and Pau Gasol.  (Yes, he is a fountain of useless facts and I love it.)  I thought the Raps would get Pau and what a bday sign that was!  We didn’t so… 😦

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