Happy Birthday, Canada!


We started off the day with coordinated outfits (of course).  I love doing theme outfits for the girls (okay, HTM and HTD also wore the red and white) for holidays.  Why not?  I feel like it’s when I scrapbook – matching colours make everything just work better.



We went to dim sum because I’ve been having siu mai (little pork dumplings) cravings for the past couple of weeks.  As usual, Baby C was an eating machine and she inhaled some siu mai, cha siu bao (bbq pork bun), turnip cake, and sponge cake so fast.  She also ate blueberries and banana.  (Yes, she gets her appetite from us.)  After brunch, we headed back home for Baby C’s first nap.

A couple of my friends texted me that Lululemon had finally opened at our nearby mall. They know my fondness for the brand (despite some setbacks in recent years) so they thought I’d like check it out (boy, were they right).  I met the floor manager and a few nice educators that afternoon.  Treated myself to a couple of leggings and ran into a good friend shopping with her kids.  I’m glad Lulu JUST opened now.  If it had opened near the start of my leave, I’d be in serious trouble.

That night, we had a quiet night in.  We ordered pizza and caught up on Masterchef (not finding a strong favourite this season).  Baby C went to bed at her regular bedtime and Middle A fell asleep around nine o’clock.  My eldest one stayed up late so Hip Teacher Dada took her out for fireworks.  It’s our family tradition to swing by Tim Horton’s, grab dessert, and watch the fireworks from our car at a local playground (the girls are all in their cozy pajamas).  Maybe next year, Baby C can push her bedtime back and we can all head out.  I settled for watching them from Big H’s bedroom window.

How did you celebrate Canada’s 149th birthday?

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