WHOOSH!  That was this school year flying by.  I also consider this the last day of maternity leave with Baby C because once the five of us are home together, our routine and rituals will likely go out the door.  It’s very different having three kids to keep busy than just the one.  Plus, it’s summer so we’ll definitely be out and about.

Two weeks ago, Middle A, had her Celebration of Learning, which is sort of what used to be kindergarten graduation.  It took a lot of swallowing hard, blinking fast, and thinking about grocery lists in order to distract myself from shedding tears during the hour long event. The kids didn’t wear their uniforms so their individuality shone through.  It was nice to see.

We sat at the front row and had a great view of everything.  The tiny room was filled over-capacity with parents and grandparents, making the heat all the more noticeable (and pretty unbearable).  The students sang their songs and did their readings. They were so cute!  Middle A was the first reader for her class (same as when Big H was in that class).  It was funny because when A practiced at home, H remembered her lines and they did it together.

I can’t believe two years of kindergarten have flown by so quickly.  Middle A was just telling me a story about how she didn’t have any friends on the first day of junior kindergarten. She walked around and played with chalk.  I remember being completely heartbroken thinking that my cutie patootie didn’t have a friend. I probably over-reacted, but I wrote a note to her teacher asking her to just keep an eye out.  I cried thinking that my sweet little A didn’t have a buddy to play with.  Knowing how A is (super shy), she needs people to approach her.  (Like her mother, she is better in small groups and takes time to warm up.)  Now, whenever I drop her off, she is in the yard, running around and happy with her group of friends.  The ECE in her classroom (what a saint) knows that little group well and it’s been a blessing to have the four girls together with the same amazing teacher for two years straight.  They said that’s their little special clique.  A is really happy with her friends and it’s been nice getting to know their parents too.

Last day of school and that darn cliche rings true.  It totally flew by and the girls are much more grown up!  There are also more kids on the road so drivers need to slow down and be more careful.  Kids spend more time at home so parents have more activities to plan.  Cherish every moment.  Summer will fly by and the kids you had at home in July won’t be the same ones heading off to school in September.

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