It’s been seven years since I met my amazing BGM’s (Baby Goose Mommies).  They were the first group of mommy friends I made when I went to Baby Goose classes at the library with Big H in 2009.  We all met on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons at the local library.  Eventually, the library cut out the afternoon classes so we just ran it ourselves.  We started to make weekly Friday playdates as well where we took turns hosting.  Sometimes we’d go for walks or picnics.

It was my first experience as a mom and I felt extremely lucky knowing I had a group of other moms new to this too.  Our kids were born in November and December so hitting milestones together was great.  We had each other to rely on and could text or email each other with concerns or questions and there would certainly be a response.  Only one mom in the group had an older child so she had some insight to situations we’d never experienced before.  It was a journey we were all new to and for me, I always like having someone to bounce ideas off of.  It was comforting knowing that other people’s babies were doing the same things and I was on the right track.

Since our friendship began, we aim to meet up once every few months.  Everyone works so now with our kids being older (and toss in some siblings), our schedules are jam-packed.  Swimming, piano, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, Scouts, etc. and it’s really only weekends that we can see each other.  Working around birthday parties, family dinners, and travelling, we are lucky to meet five times a year.  Good thing is that we all know the importance of planning ahead so it’s not uncommon to plan the next event at the current one.  For us, we usually need to plan two months ahead (it took six years for us to go out without the kids and even then only 4 out of 6 families could make it)!  We are hoping one day to do a big family vacation together because the kids all get along and parents too.  It’s not always easy to find such a big group where personalities actually mesh and mesh well.  Even if we have differing opinions, everyone is respectful of each other and we seem to talk about anything.  It also helps that most of us love to cruise…hmmm.

This weekend, we had a picnic at a local city park.  30C weather, yummy food, playground, and a splash pad – perfect recipe for fun summer get-together.  We all brought our mats and pop-up tents – BOOM!  Looked like we were really to camp out and take over the place.  After lunch (a variety of sandwiches, sushi platter, soya eggs, cold noodles, and fruit salad), Baby C went right into the splash pad without hesitation.  She ran around, screaming like her sisters and the big kids.  She had such joy on her face that I couldn’t stop smiling.  The heat was wonderful because the water was COLD!  Baby C didn’t even flinch and ran under the sprinklers, around the sprinklers, and yes, IN the sprinklers.  I’ve never seen her that excited.

After cooling off, the kids made their way to the playground where they attempted to cross all the monkey bars (Big H got blisters from doing it so much).  One little girl wanted me to play with her so we played tag for a bit.   Eventually, I got tired and made my way back to the adults’ table in the shade.  There were people playing baseball at the nearby diamond and a few other groups having their own parties.  It was pretty quiet though.  Quite the hidden gem.  A couple hours later, drenched with sweat and pretty tired, we were ready to pack it up and go home – not before planning the next summer picnic, of course.

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