Had another lovely MNO (Mommies’ Night Out) on Wednesday with some friends from the local Early Years Centre.  We all love food and to grab a much needed break from daily baby chores and routine.  We usually go out every two weeks which is awesome – always something I look forward to.  Our nights usually start at 8 p.m. because some moms are still nursing or dads are just starting to do nighttime routine.  Nonetheless after baby’s bedtime, the ladies come out with phones in hand (always checking for husbands’ updates), ready to chat and chew the night away.

Upon hearing good things from one mom, we headed to Cineplex Theatres Markham & VIP to try out Kiu.  We were impressed by the decor and were seated after five minutes despite being told it would be a fifteen-minute wait.  We were greeted in Japanese by no less than three staff on the way in and in traditional Japanese fashion, a slight bow and polite smile.  We were seated close to the sushi bar and had a good view of the kitchen as well.  The tables were somewhat close together, but we didn’t have a problem with the noise (we were probably one of the loudest, lol).  Lots of couples and groups of friends enjoying the modern decor and delicious dishes.

We decided to share some apps and get our own mains.  We got the takoyaki and pressed sushi.  Loved the takoyaki. The sushi variety was good, but my favourite was the yellowtail with miso paste.




Pressed Sushi Sampler (clockwise from top left): Angus beef with green onion and garlic, yellowtail with miso paste, salmon with habanero sauce and mackerel with ginger

The four of us got different mains.  Two of us chose ramen and both were yummy!  They came fast and pretty hot.  Noodles had a good chewy consistency.  My friend chose the Roasted Garlic Shoyu Ramen while I chose the Kotteri Rich Shoyu Ramen, their classic ramen offering.


Roasted Garlic Shoyu Ramen


Kotteri Rich Shoyu Ramen

The other ladies went with different mains, both items I would’ve chosen too, but I was in a ramen mood.  One chose the miso black cod, which came out way smaller than I would’ve expected.  We all looked at it and said, “Um, you may be hungry later…”  I offered to swing by to grab her a burger on the way home because I could’ve probably had three of the same portions.  My other friend ordered the bone marrow, which she was excited for, only to be told as our ramen came out that her main would take another 15-20 minutes.  We looked pretty surprised.  Shouldn’t this info have come out earlier?  Anyway, when she finally got her dish, she stopped talking and just savoured the meal.


Miso Black Cod


Bone Marrow

After the meal, another friend joined us and we hung around for almost another hour before moving downstairs for bubble tea.  Kiu was good and did not rush us out even though our meals were done.  The waitress offered to give us separate bills and split the starter costs.  Nothing better than having the math done for us!  On our way out, a lot of thank-you’s and bows.  All in all, a good experience.  It’s a beautiful place for a date or to catch up with friends.  Would go again to try different items on the menu.

Check out their site here.


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