On Tuesday, the New York Times came out with an article criticizing “Mom Hair.”  You know the type, the bob that some moms get because long hair requires too much styling and short hair just makes you feel frumpy.  Moms found a happy middle ground (or so they thought) with a graduated bob that many find sleek and stylish.  The writer equated it to being the “Mom Jeans” of the hair world.  I read the article and rolled my eyes.

For months, my hair was in a ponytail, messy bun, or braid.  I didn’t really care about my hair because you know what?  Running on four hours of a sleep a night (so said my Fitbit Charge) was more of a concern than how I looked.  I probably didn’t appear the most attractive (not did I feel it), but at least the baby was fed, the house was clean, homework was done, and meals were cooked.  I wasn’t running for Hot Mom of the Year so did I care that much?  Not really.  I was just happy if I didn’t leak milk all over my tops each day and my pants weren’t covered in puree. My priorities were my kids and not my appearance.  Honestly, sometimes a shower a day was too much.  (Admit it, you know where I’m coming from.)

As the weaning got closer and the baby weight dropped, then yes, I did put a bit more effort in what I wore.  Still though, being at the park, library, and playdates, the first thing is always comfort.  There is where my yoga gear (and the Lulu pant wall inside my closet) came in handy.  After Baby C turned one, the weather was still cold, but a few less frumpy sweaters came out.  It was always leggings and a cozy sweatshirt or tank and hoodie.  Then spring arrived!  Woo hoo!  Each morning, going to my closet to choose an outfit for the day was fun.  It really was like shopping (Hip Teacher Dada said my non-tag to tag ratio is like 10 to 1, that’s not bad, right?).  So my gear was solved, but those icky little baby hairs that came out because of hormones?  Oh my…that just took time.  HTD mocked me relentlessly for the ones sticking up, but what could I do?  Laugh, buy a bottle of hairspray, and wait it out.

The post wasn’t all down on “mom hair” though.  Apparently some hair types can pull it off.  Don’t forget to colour and possibly add bangs for that glow and youthful appearance, they said.  I’m almost 40, but I still get people guessing 28 so bangs would just make me look childish (been there, done that).  I will get my colour and hi-lites/low-lites in a couple of weeks as soon as I find the time when HTD is home and I don’t have to focus on practice for school presentations and making lunches.  I’ll keep my long hair though, thank you.  Not because I’m not into the “Mom Hair.”  I actually had that cut several times in my life (drastic 10-12 inch cuts) and loved it.  My current “Mom Hair” happens to be long and if a stylist has an issue with that, tough.  I’m too busy being a mom to care.

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