Baby C will be 18-months tomorrow.  How time flies!  Going back to work in a couple of months and I’m going to miss our routine.  I will totally miss spending my days with this little chatty monkey.  Awww, those cheeks!

I’m a list person by nature so it’s not surprising that I keep a record on my phone of Baby C’s milestones.  I know I’ve missed a couple words along the way, but if I ask my girls, they’ll remember and I can add to this.  It’s funny how children learn to put words together to make phrases while some are learned through osmosis.  One of the first moments I realized Baby C was putting ideas together was when she said, “Bye bye jeh-jeh (Cantonese for “big sister”).  She was 16 months and we all heard it.  I was carrying her up the stairs for her nap when she waved to her sisters on the couch.  It was such an amazing moment.  Big H and I looked at each other with the biggest grins on our faces and then we started giggling uncontrollably.  It hit us that our baby was turning into a big girl.

At 18-months, Baby C has a simple list of things she can say without prompts.  She can understand instructions like “Get your shoes, we are going out!” or “Wipe your mouth with the bib.”  She knows to wash her hands when we come home from an outing.  She can imitate quite a few words, but on her own, these are words she says often:

  1. Abby
  2. Ah Mah
  3. all done
  4. Anna
  5. apple
  6. baby
  7. ball
  8. bau-bau (Cantonese for “bread”)
  9. book
  10. boot
  11. bye
  12. cheese
  13. cookie
  14. Dada
  15. dance
  16. down
  17. Elmo
  18. go
  19. Hannah
  20. hat
  21. hello
  22. hi
  23. I know
  24. I see you
  25. Mama
  26. me
  27. milk
  28. more
  29. Mum-Mum (as in Baby Mum-Mums)
  30. nap
  31. nice
  32. no
  33. oh no
  34. ouch
  35. owl
  36. pee-pee
  37. please
  38. poo
  39. shoe
  40. sit
  41. this
  42. uh-oh
  43. up
  44. walk
  45. what’s that
  46. Wiggles (her favourite show – she gets an episode a day)
  47. wow
  48. Yeh Yeh
  49. yes

She will be starting daycare in August so I suspect her list of words will grow rapidly once she is around teachers and kids all day long.  I can’t wait.  One of our favourite ages for the girls was when they began to express themselves in their baby voices.  We should’ve taken more videos.  We have one of Big H where she is reading a book in her little voice, but the words were a little longer than expected of her age.  Just sounded hilarious to us.

We were at the mall last night to grab dessert and Baby C was talking loudly the whole time.  Hip Teacher Dada said, “Is she always like that?”  “Why do you think I RUN in and out of the mall in the mornings?  She is LOUD.”  LOL.  She is friendly though and chats with anyone in any store.  I’ve met many a manager that way.

Do you keep track of your child’s milestones? Do you have a Chatty Cathy or a quieter baby?

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