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Last week, a friend asked me how I felt about people kissing my baby.  She wasn’t sure how to handle it when people kissed her baby especially ladies who wore lipstick.  She was upset, but didn’t want to offend or hurt someone’s feelings by speaking up.  Other friends said, “Say something!  It’s YOUR child!”  I thought about it and I’ve never really had to deal with it.  I don’t go around kissing other people’s kids and I’d hope that others would feel the same and show the same respect.  I’ve kissed my god-child or god-siblings of my kids on the head, but that’s about it.

Ironically, on the weekend, we popped into a restaurant to say hi to my in-laws and one of their friends hugged and kissed my kids.  I didn’t know about it until after when my girls told me.  My first reaction was surprise and then I felt really weird about it.  I just didn’t like it.  It didn’t sit well.  I’m okay with close friends and family kissing my kids because understandably, there is a relationship there, but for someone who’s met my kids twice to do it?  Just felt weird.

So I texted my in-laws on the way home and my MIL’s reply was, “I didn’t see.  She kisses everyone.  Ha ha ha!”  Then she said that at least she didn’t have a cold or a cough and she’s pretty healthy, but just wears lipstick. She also said that the lady just adores my girls. Yes, but that’s NOT the point.  For me, kissing is a demonstrative act showing intense feeling towards someone or extreme care or concern.  Neither of those should apply as my kids have only met this lady a couple times.  I’m hoping my in-laws would’ve said something to her, otherwise, I’d have to next time.  I texted back that whether she does it to everyone or not, I wasn’t comfortable with it and I clearly didn’t like it.  They had no response.  No matter.  We just wouldn’t pop in anymore to surprise my in-laws…problem solved.

Has this ever happened to you?  Random strangers or people you don’t know well hugging and kissing your kids?  How do you feel about it?  Am I just too old-fashioned?

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