Folding some origami in the ER.

On Tuesday evening, after her last swim class of the season (she passed and we didn’t think she would :P), Middle A had a painful stomach ache.  She interrupted her dinner several times to bend over and clutch her tummy.  She tried unsuccessfully to use the washroom.  Then she had a huge nosebleed (quite common for her) which added to her panic.  She had a huge burp and let out some gas so I thought her tummy issues were all over.  No, she still felt the pain.  She cried.  I cried inside, but appeared brave.

Despite being afraid of doctors at times, she jumped at the chance to go to the emergency room when we mentioned it.  Because I’m still dealing with an exhausting cold (breathing is SUCH a gift), Hip Teacher Dada took her.  He brought along all necessary equipment for the long haul: laptop for him and drawing paper, iPad, and snacks for her.  After two hours, they were finally placed in a private waiting room.  It took that long because our child didn’t look as in pain as she should.  She was playing on the iPad and relatively happy.  After seeing the doctor and going through the regular questions and feeling her tummy, the diagnosis was possibly appendicitis.  Nothing more to be done yet, but to keep an eye on her and her tummy pain for the next little while.  If it happens again, make a quick return to the ER.

They came home after midnight (our average ER experiences are four hours so this was just under) and by then, she had fallen asleep a bit at the hospital.  I gave her a late shower and she came to sleep with us in our room.  Decided to let her sleep in today and bring her to school a little later (it’s the end of the year so most things are already wrapped up).  She said she felt better so hopefully it was just a weird gas bubble.  She had a big toot in bed just before she fell asleep and we laughed.  Never enjoyed that sound more in my life.

Have you been to the ER this year?  How was your experience?

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