EDITOR’S PICK: DeeBee’s Organic TeaPops

Hot sunny day?  Parched and looking for a burst of flavour and quick pick-me-up?  Want a cool healthy treat with no antibiotics, no chemicals, and no preservatives?  We discovered that the best solution was DeeBee’s Organics TeaPops!

Created by a husband and wife team, Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker, PhD and Dr. Stephen Baker, MD, these frozen treats were developed with healthy eating habits in mind.  Using only the finest organic ingredients, these low-calorie frozen bars (never more than 70 calories per pop), uses high-quality teas and non-GMO, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free,  nut-free, and kosher parve.  They don’t use refined sugar and sweeten their teapops with nectar.  With an assortment of delicious flavours, DeeBee’s Organic TeaPops, a proud Canadian company, satisfies every foodie’s dream, but also every concerned parent’s wishlist for a pure clean treat for their family.

Not only are the teapops healthy and delicious, DeeBee believes in giving back.  All of their business decisions are made with a strong consciousness about the environment.  They support local and global causes.  They’ve donated proceeds to the Hospital for Sick Children and One Percent for the Planet.  They understand the importance of teaching this generation about eating well, which means utilizing natural and organic ingredients.  The little Baker boys inspired their parents to create the teapops in their own kitchen.  It seems fitting that their folks want to educate them and the next generations ahead about the importance of what goes into their bodies.  Food is fuel so we need to use the purest best ingredients.

We tried Tropical Mango and Toasted Coconut on a rather warm Saturday.  Both were amazing, but the kids preferred the Tropical Mango.  They said it was, “cool, refreshing, and delicious.”  Hip Teacher Dada and I couldn’t stop oohing at the taste of the Toasted Coconut because it was beyond just coconut…it was TOASTED.  The flavour was richer and nuttier than I expected, but the coolness of the teapop was just lovely on our tongues.  We gave the product a solid A.  Can’t wait to grab some more boxes at the local supermarket.  They have so many flavours, I don’t know where to start!

Go grab some for yourself!  In addition to the two we tried, they have delicious flavours including: Berries & Cherries, Raspberry Citrus, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Harvest, Chocolate Fudge, Southern Iced Tea.

TeaPops are available at Whole Foods, Sobeys, Thrifty Foods, and more.  Please check out their website for nutritional information and more about their forward thinking company.


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