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Last week, Baby C and I attended a trial class of Cuddle and Bounce, a Kindermusik program at the Markham Music Academy.  Although Baby C was the oldest member of the group (most of the babies were around 7-10 months), she enjoyed the class, which was full of songs, bouncy rhymes, and a variety of different activities.  We were advised from the start that the toddler class, Sing & Play, was probably better suited for her because of the age-appropriate physical and cognitive challenges.  Cuddle & Bounce reminded me of the Baby & Books classes we attended at the Markham Public Libraries, but with a few more props (no books).

We arrived at the studio about ten minutes before the scheduled start time.  Parking was a bit of a pain as the nearby parking lot had signs reserving spots for other nearby businesses.  We finally found a corner spot without a sign while other moms said they managed to find spots on the road or in another lot.  Once inside, we took off our shoes and headed upstairs.  It was a cozy loft feel and I met Flora Lim, who was busy tidying up the room for our class.  She greeted us, took our names, and distributed our name tags.  I met a couple of other moms and waited for the group to arrive.

Ms. Lim had a day plan posted on her wall.  She greeted all the babies and mommies by name.  We started with a welcome song.  In between familiar nursery rhymes, she taught us some new songs.  She gave a few tips as to how to sing and play with our babies.  We did an activity which reminded me of a maypole dance where mommies and babies danced in a circle while dipping under scarves.  The bright airy room and happy music provided a great environment for babies, but Baby C couldn’t sit for very long.  She was fascinated with the bubble portion of the program and when Ms. Lim played the final song with her flute.  The class lasted about 45-50 minutes, which has been the longest class I’ve ever attended with a baby.  There were a few babies started to fuss near the end, but again, most baby classes are around 30 minutes long.

All in all, it was an enjoyable experience.  Summer sessions are available now, but as we are headed on a trip in July and Baby C will be in daycare in August, we are unable to go with the schedule.  I’m back in the classroom in September so not much chance of a daytime class in the fall either.  Babies who enjoy music and rhythm will certainly have a lot of fun.  It’s also a great way to meet local moms in a learning environment.  Book your free trial class now and see for yourself.

Have you tried the Kindermusik programs?

For more information, please visit their website.

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