Free festival season has officially begun and I am all over that!  I love taking the kids to festivals all over town.  I want our kids to have as many life experiences as they can.  My parents were more traditional so we did more dim sum and shopping than these outdoor events.

I love seeing my girls’ faces and how excited they get for a new experience.  They are sometimes shy to try a new event (especially my middle one), but when nudged and they try whatever, they are so proud of themselves.  These opportunities give us a chance to enjoy the great outdoors and I have lots of pictures to commemorate the experience for scrapbooks and photo books.  It’s a win-win!

Last Sunday, we headed to downtown Toronto for the Circus Festival at Harbourfront.  The kids have been here before, but this was Baby C’s first time.  There were people on stilts, funny costumes, and stations for hula-hooping, poi balls, and face-painting.  We participated in the gymnastics zone and my older one tried to walk a tightrope.  We had lunch on the lawn by the Stage in the Round.  We have our “go-to” spot which we have dubbed “Our Corner.”  Baby C had fun just roaming around freely.  We lined up for a bit for the airbrush tattoos, but with two artists only, it would’ve been an hour wait at least.  My eldest decided she’d rather walk around than stand.  We had some fun in the sun and lots of laughs.  We were lucky to have amazing weather the entire weekend (thanks, Mother Nature) and the girls wrapped up the day with popsicles.

Have you been to the Harbourfront Circus Festival?  What was your experience like?

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