It’s my OWN fault if I’m a fan of The Walking Dead or Jane the Virgin Facebook page and the fans post what happened in the most recent episode and I’m not caught up.  What happens if my friends post a spoiler in their Facebook status?  ARGH.  It may not be much more than a sad face emoticon and a single word, but that’s enough to ruin the next few episodes or even an entire season (GUILTY of binge-watching).  It’s probably my fault that I watch more tv than the average person and have a hard time keeping up with all these amazing shows, but still…I remember joking with a friend about how she ruined CSI for me because she told me the fate of a main character before I had watched it.  Every episode, I was waiting for it.  It was NOT an enjoyable way to watch a show.  😛

My taste in shows range from family comedies to horror to drama to most recently, sci-fi.  Hip Teacher Dada and I don’t define the day of the week by its proper name, e.g. Wednesday.  We call it “Law & Order, Criminal Minds, and Blackish Night.”  Sad, but true.  Luckily, it seems like quite a few of my friends are on board with the “tv relaxes me” concept so I don’t feel like a lone couch potato.

Here are some shows that I am currently following.  (It’s great that HTD agrees that relaxing with tv is wonderful after a hard day’s work.)

Blackish                           Fresh Off the Boat                 Brooklyn 99                   Jane the Virgin

Law & Order: SVU          Criminal Minds                      Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Empire                              Being Mary Jane                     Game of Thrones        Suits

Masterchef / Masterchef Canada / Masterchef Junior                                    Modern Family

The Bachelor / The Bachelorette                                   Vanderpump Rules

Grey’s Anatomy              How to Get Away with Murder                                  RHONJ

The Flash                            Supergirl                                 The Walking Dead     Ballers

Pretty Little Liars       The Vampire Diaries                  Devious Maids

Any of mine on your favourite must-watch list?  Any shows you recommend?



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