It’s been a while since I inherited my dad’s old bread machine, but we’ve never decided to make bread until this weekend.  Why 28C temps would inspire Hip Teacher Dada to make bread is beyond me, but I’m never one to refuse carbs!  Fried rice, pasta, mini-muffins, bring it on!

We had everything in the kitchen except for yeast so we did a Sunday night trek over to our local grocery store.  (As HTD was making it, the girls kept calling him “Roland the Baker,” a nod to a Sofia the First episode where King Roland magically turned into a local town baker.)  A couple of hours later, we had a hot loaf ready to go, but the two-pound loaf was spilling out of the machine.  HTD kept looking online because he couldn’t figure it out.  What was wrong with this recipe/ingredients/machine?  The ends were not getting browned (nor cooked apparently).

He reassured me that he followed directions to a T.  Refusing to give up, HTP did another loaf the next night on Victoria Day.  This time, he followed the one-pound loaf recipe and this one was perfect!  Victorious on Victoria Day!  The whole first floor smelled like a bakery and the final product was delicious.  We did a light toast with some Nutella and enjoyed a very carby dessert.  Mmmmm!

Have you ever made bread before?  Machine or the old-fashioned way?

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