During the past two weeks, I’ve had this discussion with Hip Teacher Dada and several friends.  Everyone has told me that I can’t say anything to my neighbours, but I can drop subtle hints.  I’m not great at subtle and more blunt than anything, but the lawn situation is starting to irk me.  I’m gonna lose my cool any second and the truth will come spewing out.  One friend suggested doing their weeds because nothing is more embarrassing than seeing your neighbour try to take care of your nasty front lawn.  I’ve done a bit because  I keep encroaching in their space.   (It’s like tweezing your eyebrows – sometimes you just can’t stop.)  I really don’t want their disaster to spread to us so I’m trying hard to play (a losing) defense.

Now we don’t have an A+ lawn, but our grass is green and Hip Teacher Dada will get out there to mow weekly (when bugged).  My beef is with our neighbours – even though they are lovely people, every day during my baby’s first nap, I’m outside with gloves and tool in hand digging out those suckers.  It may be just 5-10 of them, but STILL.  I have other things to do than to dig out those damn dandelions and prickly weeds daily (those are the worst)!  (Thinking positively, at least I’m getting some colour.)

How do I hint to them to make lawn care a priority?  In our old house, we didn’t have the greatest lawn and that was because we were new to home ownership.  We were exhausted from work and we had babies.  We just didn’t have time to read and figure out what to do and execute the plan.  Here, I’ve come home during the weekdays and they are sitting on the porch having a drink.  I’ve seen them come back from a leisurely stroll.  The neighbours have kids who are teens or older.  They can totally help with lawn care!  Even my five and seven-year-olds came out to assist in finding the micro weeds.  (Truthfully, they just wanted to wear their new gardening gloves, but whatever works!)

I’m afraid to see what may happen if we go away for more than three days.  We’ll come back to a lawn full of “pretty yellow flowers.”  More than a week, we may not even be able to see our house.  😦


*As for games, my beloved Raptors have tied up the Eastern Conference Series 2-2 with two convincing home wins on Saturday and Monday nights.  I can’t believe we are two games away from the NBA Finals.  Like hosting the All-Star Weekend, this is something I didn’t think was possible.  I’m SO excited and happy for them!  #WeTheNorth

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