I was watching The Social yesterday (my favourite local daytime talk show) and they talking about something I’ve discussed with friends before.  Apparently a mom had posed a question on social media and there were people in both camps who had strong opinions.   Was what she did appropriate?  Her baby sleeps regularly for an hour at the same time.  The mom had popped out for seven minutes to pick up some boxes of clothes ordered online.  Her apartment has no elevator so she didn’t want to bring a baby and lug up the boxes.  She also admitted to wanting a few minutes to try on the new items in peace.

Seven minutes is enough time to grab a shower.  🙂  I’ve shoveled the snow and pulled some weeds while my babies slept.  I’ve brought the recycling bins back in from the bottom of my driveway or taken out the organics to the garage.  However, I would never leave my property!  During nap times, I’m constantly watching the monitor while I do dishes or prep for dinner.  I wouldn’t leave my property to fill up my gas tank or grab the mail.  What if there was a car accident?  Who would know there was a baby in the house?

Surprisingly a lot of moms understood where the mom was coming from and supported her.   A couple said they’ve walked their dogs or gone for a jog.  Others have said they’d left their sleeping babies in the car while they went to into a store for a quick purchase.  They said they’ve weighed the risk between a stolen car and a ruined sleep and would take the chance on losing their vehicle with their baby in it.

Have you left your kids while they napped?

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