‎Wow.   I’m sitting here watching my eldest’s weekly basketball class with the town. I’m sending livid texts to Hip Teacher Dada and friends because if I don’t, frankly, I may lose my mind. It’s taking a lot of self-control not to glare at the parents around me or the kids who are so self-absorbed that the coaches and ten other waiting (paying) girls don’t matter. A couple of them MUST have a conversation right then and there and it’s not about the drill.  It just doesn’t matter if the coach is staring and waiting…again.
During this hour, I’ve witnessed kids running up to the window to wave to their moms, a girl rolling around on the ground, dancing instead of drills, and one girl (we’ll call her “Brooklyn”) constantly being asked by the coaches to stop talking. Of course, her mother is outside chatting with another mom, but I get the feeling that her being in the gym wouldn’t even matter. Some of these kids look like they’ve never been to class before and if they have, I wouldn’t be thrilled to have them in mine. Why does a coach have to repeat herself four times before it sinks in? Why does the “broken record” theory have to apply?  I can’t be the only parent who feels this way!
Now I’m trying to see the situation through the eyes of a young girl after a hard day at school. Maybe she’s tired? Maybe she’s hungry? Maybe she doesn’t want to be here. Yet, they are giggling and chatting and have enough energy to run back and forth waving to their moms. They can scoot around while the drills call for pivoting and defense.  Was there an expiry date for respect? When the clock struck 3:30pm, did the ability to follow rules go out the door (when the girls did)?  Cinderella Syndrome!
I really WANTED to say something, but I texted instead to vent my annoyance.  I could see that the coaches were annoyed and frustrated, but I also feel for them.  They are just teenagers themselves or maybe university age.  It was probably hard for them to do more than they did which was give some stern looks and plead with the child to stop chatting.  As a parent, if my child was disrupting a class for others, not listening to the coach, and running around when she should be lining up, I’d certainly say something to my kid.  Doesn’t learning and showing respect start at home?
Would seeing this irk you?  Would you do anything about it?

3 thoughts on “WHO CARES, COACH?

  1. Karen says:

    I would TOTALLY say something! Not a good tolerater of disrespect and disorder. Would totally get into teacher mode and intervene! Though don’t know if that’s the right call…


  2. Jeanne Cheng says:

    Wow, I guess it’s a good thing we weren’t there!! Mrs. Ng – next time, let the teacher in you out! I’d like to see that lol


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