When spring rolls around, I feel like jumping for joy.  Not only do I envision park playdates and chilling in our backyard, but I believe that all the nasty illnesses we encounter magically disappear off the face of the earth.  😛  This isn’t the case with my family this season.

Last weekend, my one-year-old was sick with a fever so she missed an evening playdate.  It was the third rescheduled playdate and the mommies and I hadn’t caught up in months so I just brought the big girls.  On Monday afterschool, my eldest had a mild fever and said she felt unwell.  My middle child complained of a fever, sore throat, and headache.  Bleh.  Not sure about all kids, but mine need extra cuddles and coddling when they don’t feel well.  It’s all about not breathing in too deeply when snuggling and turning away when their unexpected sneeze sends THEM flying.  I have to find the right balance between playing nurse and playing defense…if I go down, we all go down.  😛

I usually pop some zinc and echinacea if I feel something coming on and hope for the best.  I wash my hands obsessively and make my kids do the same.  I’ll drink more water and TRY to rest earlier instead of enjoying my late bedtimes (I’m making the most of this maternity leave and binge-watching is SO MUCH FUN).

What do you moms do to protect yourself when your kids get sick?

*Hip Teacher Dada thought this would be a fun article to share.  Our middle child did this once in the parking lot at a local mall.  We STILL talk about it five years later.

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