prof clint tuttle

I’m all about silly songs and changing words to suit a familiar tune (just ask my husband and girls what they have to put up with).  I’m also about learning new skills and being the teacher who will keep her class engaged no matter what the cost.  I’ve donned big glasses and a lab coat to transition them to a science lesson.  I’ve brought in my high school art work to show them that anyone (even me) can create a masterpiece with enough direction and time.   I’ve raced my Grade 6’s across the soccer field (I won) and challenged them to a planking competition (I lost).

Clint Tuttle from the University of Texas, captured his students’ attention and probably hearts by performing his version of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.”  I have to say it’s a bit cheesy, but he’s made me want to learn Excel, Belieb it or not!  learn excel bieber

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