Masterchef is a go-to show for our family. My eldest has been my little chef-in-training for a while and I’m learning to let go of the reins (not easy with a Type A personality).  It’s easy to let her toss in a little salt or crack an egg, but a knife in hand is a completely different story.  My heart starts to race and I make sure towels and Band-Aids are nearby.  She doesn’t see it that way (“Don’t worry, Mommy!”) and is just excited to have a little bit more responsibility.

She did a great job with our taco bowls this weekend.  She cut up the peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  She mixed together the corn, black beans, and cilantro.  We shaped the tortilla shells into bowls and less than an hour later….olé!  She wanted to do the plating so she layered the shredded lettuce, rice and onions, veggies, and ground beef.  She topped everything off with some sour cream, cheddar, and salsa.  Not bad for a seven-year old.  🙂  Now if only she could do the dishes…


*CONGRATULATIONS to the Toronto Raptors for advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time!  They romped Miami in Game 7 on Sunday: 166-89.  ECF starts Tuesday at 8:30pm against the Cavs.  (Hmmm…Hip Teacher Dada is a HUGE Lebron fan.  Where will his loyalty lie?  Better be Toronto!)

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