Last night’s Toronto Raptors was the team I had waited all post-season to see.  They kept the pace up, ball movement fluid, and were aggressive from the start.  Their defense was awesome and made the most of each turnover.  I’ve developed a greater respect for Bismack Biyombo for his passion and dominance on both ends of the court.   Appreciated him before, but even more so because of last night’s blocks and hard follow-up dunks.  How amazing was he?

Losing Demarre Carroll to a wrist injury was rough (this is one of the most injury dominant playoffs I remember), but it was okay.  The Raptors were playing like a team and our two All-Stars, Demar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry, finally showed up.  They provided clear evidence as to why they were dominant during the regular season and why we get all this extra ball to obsess over in the first place (thanks, btw).  In the first half alone, they combined for 26 points. Lowry finished with 25 points, 10 rebounds, and  6 assists while DeRozan had 34 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists.  Next game is on Friday and we can finish off the Heat in Miami.  Bring on the signs.  “We can cool you down, Heat!”  “Not so HOT anymore.  Raps win!”  “The 6ix in 6!”

(On another note, I do not like Goran Dragic.  I will never forgive the cheap punch to Cory Joseph’s face in Game 4 (which Dragic was fined $2000), but then Dragic’s right elbow to Jason Thompson when he was already down.  No call.  WHAT?  Refs need to keep their eye on him for Game 6.  I don’t trust him one bit.)


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