Whoosh!  The family swirled in with only a greeting my husband could come up with, “Happy Mother’s Day, Khaleesi!”  Fitting tribute to my newfound addiction, Game of Thrones, and there it was, my day started with a laugh as always.  They gave me a few minutes to get dressed and I went down to a breakfast of French toast with a giant slab of Nutella.  Mmmm.

They presented their gifts to me individually and like the Princess of House Targaryen, I addressed each little dragon in turn.  I was surprised by gifts of fine jewellery (Claire’s and Ardene :P), superfluous notes and cards, and little gifts made in class.  My favourite from my eldest was a book she made at home called Why I Love Mommy.  In typical “me” fashion, I cried because she took the time to write reasons why each family member appreciated me and her pictures were so detailed and funny.  My middle child drew me sweet pictures and her school gift was a picture of her holding up a sign that said I was the best because I love to hug.  She is my “hugger” of the bunch and if anyone is always in my arms, it’s her.  Finally, my baby gave me a fiery red t-shirt of House Targaryen and a fistful of Cheerios (she’s 16 months so Cheerios are gold).  Hip Teacher Papa REALLY surprised me however, when he gifted me a Raptors jersey – Cory Joseph from Pickering, Ontario who now represents The 6ix!  (What a win on Saturday, btw!)

After breakfast, I headed off to yoga, where I had been absent for months.  It was great to get ninety minutes alone to just concentrate on my breath and catch up with my wonderful instructor.  Soon, it was time to head home again where regular Sunday events took place: homework, lunch, and laundry.  I enjoyed the Jays’ game while playing with my kids.  HTP went out to grab me a special bubble tea and Chinese take-out.  We caught up on Masterchef Canada and then called it a night.

This was the first Mother’s Day in a long while where we didn’t have a busy day full of plans.  I’m the social planner in our family and I usually jam pack our weekends, but this quiet Mother’s Day was really amazing because I had time to just sit back and enjoy everything that makes me a happy mother: a wonderful husband, great kids, an awesome home, and time.  Time to just appreciate my family and appreciate life.  I hope everyone had a terrific day too and cherished loved ones showed their appreciation.  Mothers work hard and they do so much.  This is just one day dedicated to them, but a daily thank you or “I love you” is most certainly welcome.  🙂   My husband actually does tell me that often which is sweet.  😛  Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

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