A few months ago, I decided to try my hand at baking.    Not only was I craving sweets all the time (must be leftover pregnancy hormones, ha ha), but just seemed like something I could handle.  I’m pretty good at following instructions.  🙂  I was also inspired by some new friends and heck, I’m a mom.  Isn’t that a “mom thing?”  (LOL)   It also doesn’t help that we watch Masterchef religiously and we want to inhale all the cakes and tarts they make.  The girls have also adored Christina Tosi since visiting MILK at Momofuku last summer.  My middle child keeps talking about “crack pie.”

I’ve been making cupcakes almost weekly and it’s a process.  I’ve learned to plan ahead because butter and eggs are better at room temperature.  I have to time it so that I can use my mixer during my baby’s awake hours.  🙂  I was super excited to find a fast and quiet recipe and found one perfect for Thursday night.  After dinner, the big girls and I made mini-cherry cheesecakes.  I wanted something red for the Raptors’ second home game.  Superstitious or not, we got a win!  Sweeeeeeet!  (Yes, it was delicious.)

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