lowry half court shot may 3.png

      The fourth was with us last night when Kyle Lowry heaved up that miracle of a shot.   (Watch it here!)   I saw people trickle out of the stadium with about four minutes left in regular play. SMH!  (I never understand it…stay to the end!)  Then OT came and our excitement rose with the possibility of pulling out a winner.  (The Raptors have won every single game we’ve attended this season and we’ve been to quite a few!)  Then our heart palpitations started to slow down as the five minutes of extra life ticked away.  Our shots just weren’t falling (just drive people), but our faces did.  😦

       They started off well in the first quarter.  I thought the ball moved well and they had a different sense of play.  Pace was good and the Raptors even looked fresh.  Odd, considering they just finished a seven-game series on Sunday.  I felt physically and emotionally drained and heck, I’m NOT even playing!  😛   It’s also weird to me that our Dynamic Duo don’t do well when they are ON at the same time.  What happened from regular season to now?  I kept saying to my better half that it was just nerves, but reality set in when he said, “Um, it’s been eight games.”  Fiiiine…I just want to stick up for my Raps, what can I say?  Luckily, DD, JV, and even TRoss found a rhythm and gave us something to cheer for.  (Since JV’s bday shout-out, he’s been my boy, ha ha.)   Missed FTs made a difference though so let’s get on that, fellas!

          It’s okay though.  We the North and we will come back in Game 2!  Who’s with me?

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