May 2-8, 2016 has been declared as Mental Health Week in Canada.  As many as one in five Canadians may suffer from a mental health issue which can be emotional, psychological, or social.  It can be manageable (with or without meds) or so debilitating that simply getting out of bed is a huge challenge.   Mental health affects relationships with others.  It affects people at their workplace.  It affects everyday tasks like driving, making dinner, or paying a bill.  Mental health can be attributed to a family history of mental health issues or traumatic life experiences.   There may be reasons behind the problem, but the way to a solution is open discussion.  Talk to a professional, stay positive, or confide in a family member or close friend.

        Coincidentally, our school board is also having Education Week from May 2-6.  Part of knowing about mental health and how to cope is through education and frank discussion.  Teachers and staff are more informed about mental health nowadays and encouraging discussion in the classrooms.  Schools are recognizing this important issue by wearing green to increase awareness.

          Please take a moment today in your busy life to breathe, think a positive thought, eat well, talk to a friend, and have a good night’s rest.  We get so caught up in our daily lives (especially new moms out there) with working, cooking, cleaning, and kids’ activities that we sometimes forget to take a moment for ourselves.  Go ahead and take a break.  It’s important.

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