On the weekend, my children attended a birthday party at The Circus Academy in Toronto.  The two-hour event flew by quickly as the kids tried out different types of circus apparatus and then enjoyed lunch and cake.

       They started the party with free time on the mats.  After the warm-up and mandatory rules, the kids sat patiently on stage and waited their turn on the five different pieces of equipment including ropes, hoop swing, and a balance board.  The teacher in me bit my lip hard…wanted to suggest that instead of 20+ kids waiting at Station #1 and going in order, they should split the kids into smaller groups of five and start at each station.   That way, kids aren’t waiting very long so they get to try each equipment sooner and possibly get to go on twice.  Seeing as how it wasn’t our party, I kept quiet, but my husband saw how much I wanted to say something.  Clearly, I’m itching to get back into the classroom.  September can’t come soon enough.  🙂

         My girls had a good time especially since they ended the party with balloon animals and face-painting.  My little one (16 months) couldn’t do the activities, but she was just happy to run around the mats at the end of the party.  My husband wasn’t happy about the balloon animals (his fear of balloons popping in the car ride home came true, oops).

         Speaking with the lead coach, Wesley, he said that The Circus Academy offers afterschool classes, circus camps during the summer and March Break, as well as adult classes for juggling, hula hoop, clowning, and even martial arts!   It was a great place for kids to run around and parents had a great area to observe their kids while enjoying coffee and snacks.  All in all, a wonderful party!

         (Oooooh and speaking of twirling, whirling, and zooming around, my Toronto Raptors won Game 7 last night over the Indiana Pacers!  They are moving onto Round 2 in the Eastern Conference.  Congrats!   Demar DeRozan did a spectacular job as well as Lowry, Powell, Joseph, Patterson, and Biyombo.  LOVE this team!)

 The Circus Academy is located at 1300 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, Ontario.


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