IMG-20160429-WA000       Today is Raptors’ Day at my children’s school.  Head-to-toe Raptors gear is encouraged, but if not, then any of the Raptors’ colours, past or present, are welcome.  I LOVE that!  As a parent, I think it gives the kids a chance to express themselves (albeit adhering to the theme).   I’m as excited for Theme Days as they are.  They FINALLY have a chance break out clothes that aren’t white and navy!  (They attend a “dress-code” school, but really we should call it what it is…it’s a uniform school.)

          As a teacher, I look forward to Theme Days at work whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, or Carnaval.  It breaks up the monotony of regular routines and we all need a little bit of that now and then.  For me, the best part is seeing how excited and creative the students get.  Crazy Hair Day?  I’ve seen rainbow-coloured mohawks, thirty mini-braids, and balloons weaved in.  PJ Day?   Donut-covered onesies…on sixth-graders!  Favourite Movie Character Day?  Batman hanging out with Princess Elsa while trailing behind the Ninja Turtles.  Oh yeah!  It’s like Halloween in spring.  Why not?

             Have a great weekend, everyone!  Raptors are going to finish it tonight.  🙂  Get your gear on.

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