It’s been a few years since I’ve worked on my blog so why not start fresh with a brand new host and domain name?  Welcome back to previous followers and a big HELLO to the new ones!  I’ve left behind http://hipteachermama.blogspot.ca and moved onto something (hopefully) bigger and better!

This blog will continue to focus on parenthood, family, and education.  In my previous blog, I focused on life as a new mommy.  I shared my experiences and gave my opinions (through the eyes of a new mom and teacher) about toys, foods, products, and events.  This time around, I will focus on the aspect of parenthood as a whole and incorporate more ideas involving my husband, whom I jokingly refer to as Hip Teacher Dada.  He is a teacher as well and as a father of three girls, I’m sure his concerns may be a bit different than my own.

Please join us as we explore the life of teaching, learning, and fun as a family of five.

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